vGUPE #20: Word Vomit

We've been working for about 3 weeks straight on films and other projects, as well as finishing up our last days as collegiate Amercians so this one is basically what it looks like when we just go out for a beer. May be funny, may not, it's just us.

TONIGHT: Kenny's hair is STILL uncut, Trent's name is George, and we have another moment with Blake.

THAT Sticke Alt Ale Verdict: 4/5
(Coronado Stupid Porter Verdict: 3.8/5)

vGUPE #19: Childhood

This episode is slightly NSFW for language and grandmothers.

TONIGHT: Kenny has a mustache, Trent has hair, and they discuss how they failed as children.

Beer Verdict: 3.5/5

vGUPE #18: Chivalry is Vague

Should we add un-edited footage to the channel as bonus clips for when we go on for a while on a topic? Usually we end up talking for a long time about the stuff we bring up.

The boys discuss the nuances of being a gentleman, we talk about our favorite movies and games, and we need Tom Hanks on the show.

Beer Verdict: 3/5

vGUPE #17: This Round’s On Us

If you weren’t at World of Beer on Monday night… you missed out.

TONIGHT: We buy everyone in the bar a beer, Mitt Romney has a lot of kids, and Rob McMillan joins us as our resident wine guy.

Beer Verdict: 4.75/5

vGUPE #16: Return and Adjust

We're back! We've got a new location at World of Beer in Tempe and we're loving it. For the foreseeable future, this is where we'll film. Follow us on twitter (@theGUPE) to know when we're there and come say hi!

TONIGHT: We adjust to our new surroundings, Trent is mad at Doctor Who, and Kenny hasn't shaved or gotten a haircut in far too long.

Beer Verdict: 4.25/5

Your New Favorite Shot

So one day after a hockey game I lost, my friends and I went to a bar and invented a shot that we figured would instigate a hockey fight. It is called, surprise surprise, a “Hockey Fight.” It was constructed so that guys and girls alike, (mostly) regardless of palette, could happily drink it. It goes as follows.

1 pt Jameson
1 pt Red Bull
Splash of Razzmatazz.
Shake with ice, pour into shooter glass.
Toast and drink!

Trust me.
- Kenny


Like many of you, we like to take a summer break. so that’s what we’re doing! We’ll return at the beginning of September. Until then, follow us on Twitter, the facebook page and our new Instagram (@theGUPE) and stay up to date on the type of GUPEy goodness we’re known for! We keep those updated throughout the summer with fun sports, movie news, beerstuffs, all that goodness in easy to manage, lovely interfaces that you’re used to, designed by people with jobs.

See ya in September!

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